Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This weekend was set aside for Thurston and I to have a fun day together.  I got a little sick, but was feeling well enough to take him out as promised.  We went to his favorite place (Pojo's), and I took him to Red Robin for dinner.  It was a blast, and I love my little Thursty bug!  I love being able to spend one on one time with the kids, I means so much to them and to us.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tigroneous Prime

Saturday Preston opened up the irrigation box to turn on the sprinklers, and this little guy has made a little home in there.  We think he's quite a cutie, and will keep the area clean of bugs and such.  He's a spotted tiger Salamander.  Luckily, he is not dangerous, but will bite, so we made sure to warn the kids. 
We named him (ready for this?):
Tigroneouse Prime Comodo Dragon,
Tigory for short.
Yep, when you can't decide on a name, just go with all of them!

             I think he's cute, esp the bug eyes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is why I am getting fatter!

Since the beginning of my time, I have been horrible at Visiting Teaching.. Seriously, who really gets it done every month and is super excited about that?  Well, I have to say it is not because I don't love my girls (that's for you Jana) ;)  It's just- well whatever.  So this month, since all the ladies birthdays were within a couple weeks of each other, we had brunch.  And it was awesome.  Here is the table ( I actually got to use our wedding china for once):

 Fruit and beverages:
The amazingly delicious Trifle (gluten free) Isn't is pretty?!
 I didn't get a picture of the quiche or the chicken salad croissants, but believe me, they were yummy.  The silly thing about this is I took pics of the food, but not of the lovely ladies that were here.  Sorry! :/  I guess the party was to fun to remember the camera.

So in other news, we had a couple of friends throw a b-day party (who are also engaged).  This is their cake.  If you have seen Eagle Vs Shark, then you know that this is awesome.
 This one was all about the topper.  Good thing, because I messed up on the actual cake, but who's gonna look at that when you've got these babies!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ring around the Rosies, the cat claws will come...

So imagine you are lying asleep at night, and you awaken with the overwhelming urge to cough.  So you roll over and have a coughing fit, take a sip of water, check your cell to see what time it is.  You notice the glowing eyes of the cat in the rocking chair staring at you, (you are used to this), so you roll over and snuggle into your hubby.  Second later you hear a creek from the rocking chair and the next thing you know, your cat has jumped the 4+ feet and has landed on your head teeth barred and claws out.  Holy Crap is right.  I scream- naturally- waking Preston and scaring Jazz back into reality.  I turn on the lamp and he is staring at me from the ground and I assure him that I am me and not a monster.  He rolls on his back as a sign of 'oops- my bad'.  I turn out the lights and lay back down.  Jazz then jumps on my bed and purrs and snuggles into me. (he says he's sorry- I forgive him... but with slight hesitation that is.)
Another 10 or so minutes pass by and I am taken over with another coughing fit, but this time I sit up and before I can tell Jazz 'All is well'- he launches at me, sinking his teeth into my shoulder- claws deep into my chest and arm.  Now, I love animals- I don't believe in hurting them, but in this case, I found it completely justified that I picked that fuzzball up and threw him across the room. (Don't worry- his cat like reflexes helped him land safely).
  Preston graciously tossed him outside for the night while I cleaned my wounds.  Poor cat was spooked, and a part of me was honored in knowing he was trying to protect me- but I'm pretty sure that he will not be sleeping in my room while I have a cold!

So in other news, here are the kids playing ring around the rosies.  Aleah loved playing with the boys, and at one point she was saying "ashes" (or her version of it), but of course Mommy was too late to catch it on camera. :)