Monday, February 22, 2010

My baby Girl

I have to take a minute and say just how much I love my little girl!! She has been SUCH a good baby! She only cries for a bit, but once she knows I am there to pick her up or feed her, she stops and looks at me with patience and an open mouth (she really likes to eat!) I've heard it said that a baby wants to nurse for 3 reasons, 1: to Eat 2: for a quick drink (thirsty) and 3: to know that Mommy is there.

Last night she was having a clingy night, every time I put her down she would fuss, and as soon as I would hold her she would nurse for like 2 seconds and then fall asleep. I didn't mind because I am still going through separation anxiety and having her lie on my chest while I watch a movie is so sweet. She has been sleeping for intervals of 4-7 hours at night... which I may add is awesome. When I hold her and look into her eyes, she looks back studying everything around her. Some Dr's say that infants don't smile, and it is just gas... I would disagree, I've heard the little princess let some go and it is not the same as when I am talking or singing to her and she is looking back at me with a smile in her eyes and a curled lip. Today is my first day without someone else here (my Mom and Preston). Things are going good, I managed to shower and get dressed, the boys fed and a load of laundry done all before noon! We'll see if anything else gets done....

But in short, I love love love my little Aleah!! This picture is hilarious... posing for her shot, but then she got hungry and is searching for some boob...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 1 Week old!

OK... well it was really yesterday that she turned one week...
She is just the sweetest thing ever! She is eating and sleeping like a champ! She usually wakes at about 1:30 and 4:30-5am. then wakes for the "day" (or hour...) at about 9:30. It's been awesome. She has already gained back to her birth weight and her umbilical cord fell of at her one week mark (this always makes me very happy).
She has a very happy and content disposition and I swear she smiles at us with her eyes (Preston can vouch). We are so happy to have her in our family, and the boys have loved having a sister.
Here is our little angel looking fabulous:

Monday, February 15, 2010

She's HERE!!!

I'm a little behind here, but better late than never, right?
The night of the Super Bowl, I got to pick my Mom up from the Airport. With no signs of true labor, my Mom and I got to spend Monday shopping and went out to lunch. Tuesday morning came and still nothing! BUT that afternoon I went in for my last Dr apt and things were looking right on target, then I begged and the Dr stripped my membranes. I felt the cramping start as I drove home, and at around 5:30 when I got home, I started to keep record of all the contractions.
I suffered through LOST (as I didn't want to miss it...) but shortly afterward decided to get my butt to the hospital. It worked out perfect with my Mom there as the boys would be taken care of. We got there and they wanted to see in 30 min- to and hour if I would change they would admit me, and if not, they would send me home. Here is where my determination stuck, I was NOT about to be sent home! Preston and I took to taking laps around the maternity wing. As the contractions went harder, we walked harder. I laugh as I recall the last leg of the rounds when we were speed walking to our room, past another woman who kept stopping. It's amazing how much strength you can muster up when you are too stubborn to be sent home. Needless to say... it worked! I shortly thereafter got an epidural and we "slept" (ha!) until 7am when Margie came. She broke my water and within 10 minutes Aleah was here! ( it would have prob gone faster, but we were chatting and forgot to notice a contraction or 2...) ha!
So that's the story, just under 14 hours of labor, but this was my easiest. JoJo was 15, and by far the worst, and Thurston was was 12 hours and pretty easy going. And now I'm DONE!
So, the real reason we visit blogs: Pictures!!
Introducing: Aleah Julienne Thomson Born Feb 10, 2010 8lbs 8 oz 20.5 in long!1st time together as a family.I love Thurston's shoes on backwards!
Car ride home... could she be any cuter!?As Ally stated, she's throwing down some sweet Chuck Norris moves..Her cheeks are the best to kiss!
She is SUCH a good baby. The last few nights she has woken up at 1:39 and 5:30.. then 9:30!!! How awesome is that? I really hope she keeps that up.
There are more pictures here:
I am sure there are many many more to come!