Thursday, March 8, 2012

101 Cupcakes

This last weekend I made more cupcakes than I thought I was capable of.  My friend Tricia and I put our awesome (if I do say so myself) baking abilities together and baked well over 100 cupcakes for a bake sale.  My friend was recently diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, so we wanted to hold a fund raiser for her and her family.  We all got together and rented out the Rollerdrome and had a fabulous night of skating and cupcakes.  We raised over $1000 for her that night!!  We were all blown away with everyone's generosity and donations to help her out.  She had her surgery yesterday and so far so good!  It's just great to know that there are people out there who can help lend a hand and help each other out.
   I am very very sad, because I did not get ANY pictures of the cupcakes.  You will have to just imagine the most delicious, beautiful cupcakes ever. ;)  I will tease you to say that I made a chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry meringue buttercream (also a vanilla version of this), a chai spice, and various little ones for the kiddos.  Tricia made a chocolate with purple cream frosting, boston cream, and a salted caramel cheesecake.  Yeah, they were that good. 
   Roller skating was awesome.  It had been WAY too long and left me a *little* sore the next day.  I went old school with the classic roller skates, while Preston took his Rollerblades out of retirement.  They let you bring strollers out on the floor so Aleah had fun.  She loved the disco ball and had a blast.  Preston wore his blue velvet shirt and yes- the chest hair was out for all to see, it was fabulous.  This is what I imagine we looked like:
But I'm pretty sure this is more what I looked like:

So that was fun.

   Now to get Preston all ready for his trip.  He heads out on Monday for Japan for a week!  I think he is really excited- esp since Ralph spent so much time over there when Preston was a kid.  We were discussing how it was first instinct to want to pick up the phone to tell his Dad he gets to go over and spend time with a company he once spent so much time with.  It's the little things like that that are the hardest.  When you remember that they aren't there to pick up the phone anymore. :(