Friday, June 19, 2009

Another child's book, or level one reading adventure

I had this idea for a kids book the other day and ran the idea over with Preston. Of course, his genius took off with it and soon we had collaberated a pretty good idea. Ok, so I had the title and basic idea and some pictures and he came up with the rest. I will refrain from too much detail as this is a public blog and I am not that stupid. The basic plot involves a little girl, some teeth and detectives. That's about it. So Working thru some drafts, I am having a hard time deciding on what to do. I can do a 15-20 page short story, or go into more detail and explore the little girls detective abilities and short comings and have a pretty compelling story. This would be targeted to the beginer readers (1'st-2nd possible 3rd grade) levels. I would still include some drawings in the book. It would be comparable to the Geronimo Stilton books. I think this girl has potential to investigate many things. This could be fun and a fun way for Joseph to start reading. I'm not focused on doing this for money, so I am just excited to put it together. If money comes I will not complain, but I am excited to see that there are alternative ways to self publish with out spending a fortune, and giving me the oportunity to put it into book form that doesn't involve me manuevering a stapler.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Catching up

So I have been lazy and have not updated my blog in a while... getting used to my new calling at church, organizing groups and activities etc etc. So here are some photos to show you what we have been up to!
We enjoyed Rootbeer floats: My Hair went dark and my bangs came out after a long weel deserved 14 year absence:
We visited Nana and Champa Thomson and got to sleep on the sofa bed:
My cat likes to sit on his rear and look outside:
Joseph was in desperate need of new sunday clothes, so I went to Other Mothers and found this suit and the shoes for only $12!!
I thought it would be fun/ a good idea to make my own rug. I grabbed some cheap bath rugs from walmart and decided to make a patern and sew them together. (this is for my art room). It was not as fun as I thought, esp when I saw a rug I liked at IKEA for only $12. oh well. It's made and I think it's cool.
My flower garden is coming in great. My Iris' were beautiful, and my Lilies have taken off this year! They are over 4ft tall!!

It seems like there was something else.... oh yeah, I got pregnant! (This is good)!;) We are due in February!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is why we are told to keep a journal

So I was organizing my stuff the other day and came across a pile of journals. I received my first journal on the day I was baptised by my primary teacher. From that point until I met Preston I kept a pretty decent record of my day to day life. I slowly switched it from the mundane day to day stuff to my thoughts, feelings, growth and different experiences etc etc. I figured people would be more interested in my deep thoughts rather than what I wore that day. (described in detail my 7th- 8th grade years). I pulled out my first journal and thought I would share my very first entry. Spelling, grammar, punctuation have not been changed. There are as they are. These are for my posterity. March 29, 1988: " Today I got baptized and confermed I was so excited. But I knew I was a member of the Chirch of Jesus Christ when I got baptized and confermed. When I got confermed I got the gift of the Holy Ghost. I am so glad I am baptized and a member of the chirch." here's another fun one: March 31, 1988 "tonight me and Heather are haveing a slumber party. we are going to tell funny jokes and sean (scene) from a movie! and we will have fun tonight. good night." January 17, 1989 "To day I went to school and we had a sub. she was nice. tommorrow is my teachers birthday. good night." Ok, last one for now, this ones full of goodies: June 8th 1992 "It's been over a years since I've written in here, I used other things to whrite on though. well today we went to the library. Davin got his first library card. well i'm twelve now, Julies already married to Brad - Julie ann richardson (richardson was scratched out here) peterson. also Scott joined the army. i'm in Young Womens, and I can shave my legs. i'm going to the 7th grade, my second year in Jr high! YEA! 6th grade already passed! "WHew!" It went by soooo fast! too! another thing, I'm not going to be a 'featishior' ( I have no idea what I wrote here and these are the words I could pick out), i'm going to be an author! I've written 'a house full!' Wiskers' and writing "there's an alien in my back yard!" I learned to write in caligraphy (I attempted here to write in caligraphy). it's better with a caligraphy pen. i have a bunch of catching up to do - I hate Ricardo, now i 'love' someone else. mega cute. I think he likes me too. not. we had family home evening. it was fun" So what we have learned is that I was excited to be baptized and confermed, had a slumber party, was once excited about shaving my legs and that my family at least once had family home evening. For all who are interested, I still have the 'Wiskers" book I wrote and illustrated. My kids love it. And I am a dork.