Thursday, February 26, 2009

A week in Review

So seeing that I just started and there were some notable activities this week, I thought I would review what's been going on here.
So last Friday I decided to take a few moments to pamper myself... while it's not as fun when you have to do it yourself, it is still nice. After I did my nails and toe nails I decided to do a face mask. I remembered that there were some fresh slices of cucumber in the fridge, so I laid on the floor behind the couch ( I know, best place to relax) while the kids watched a cartoon. Thurston came around and saw me and started giggling and said that I was being silly. Being the smart cookie he was, he went down stairs and located the cucumber slices and proceeded to hand some to Joseph as well. These are my boys:
While they enjoyed that, it didn't take long for them to discover that they were edible and quite tasty too!

Later that night we celebrated our friend Wendy's birthday with a Korean BBQ night. Her cake is special because she loves Hello Kitty and her cat recently "disappeared"... so we made her a "good-bye Kitty" cake. It was presented in a frying pan. It was hilarious.
OK, so for the last bit, I will tell of the things accomplished and learned this week.
1) Thurston deserved honorable mention, he has officially been potty trained (day time
anyway). He now goes pee and poo on his own and can even venture to the store and
Library... and church! Hooray for Thurston!
2) Mommy kept downstairs AND the kitchen/ dishes clean all week. This may sound normal, but you have no idea how much I loath cleaning the kitchen.
3) Daddy managed to dodge another lay-off bullet! Here's till the next one! We are very
grateful for his job and hopes he keeps it!
4) Joseph drew his cutest picture yet... It is of a Dinosaur. I recommend giving your child
a blank piece of paper here and then to help develop their artistic creativity. Love what
he does, he's so funny. This is a picture of his T-Rex he drew in "school" free color time:
Here is a tip to you Mothers out there who have a hard time throwing out your children's art work! OK, so our Library kicks butt with all of it's activities for children and one of their free classes is called "Mini Monets" where they read a story and then do some kind of art project that goes along with the subject. It is done with out the parents so they get a good feel for a real classroom. Well, between that and Josephs daily drawings, things were piling up. So what I did, is I got cheep folders at walmart and some plastic sheet sleeves and went thru and sorted out the best. So now I have folders for their best works, dated and organized. Just thought that was a good tip to share.
OK, last one and I am done.. remember I am catching up.
So here are some important things I learned this week.
1) You should not store spray acrylic varnish and spray adhesive in the same place, they look alike
2) If you finish putting a coat of spray varnish on your newly finished painting and realize that you just sprayed it with spray adhesive, don't panic and DO NOT try to scrape or wash it off. Let it dry and then spray varnish over it. The adhesive dries clear and leaves an interesting texture.
3) If you are a big enough idiot to do the above, pretend you did it on purpose.
So, I finished a painting this week. I love it and it is for my stairs. I did a new technique where you spray adhesive on for a cool textured look before you varnish it. Here it is. Enjoy, and until next time... arrivederci!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A new entry

So it finally got to me and I decided to start a blog. What to do, what to say. We have always been told to keep a journal, so I guess this is the new journal. I also heard it from a good source (google) that an artist should keep a blog. I will be using this site to record and update interested readers on what goes on inside the Thomson house hold. I know, frightening, but convenient. I will also be using this site to update interested viewers of my art work, my approach and study to new subjects and projects. Giddy up. Here are some ransom photos to enjoy.
Preston and I on our 1st anniversary, it
is nice but awkward, like us.
This is me as a Cat
This is a picture of our boys when Thurston was tiny