Friday, February 24, 2012

All About Eee-ahs

On the 10th of this month baby girl turned 2!  We managed to celebrate it on her actual birthday this year. (This rarely happens in our house).  I am going to start with the evening party that we had that evening to celebrate her as well as Wendy's birthday.  Why?  Because that's how the photos loaded....
Here is Bill ....
                                Birthday girl Wendy
 She said this is how she is supposed to take a picture...
 Everyone sat at the kiddie table that night.
   Aleah's reaction to her Hello Kitty cake
 It was convenient that they both love Hello Kitty
 Nom nOm nOM
 This girl got spoiled
 She got the pink barbie jeep I always wanted...

That morning we had her friend party.  We did a tea party.  Here she is waiting for everyone to arrive.
Savannah waiting for everyone to arrive. :D
The table!  My friend happened to have a large amount of kid chairs and white pillowcases for the taking.  How did I get that lucky!?
The spread
The Tea Cups!!  Seriously, how cute are these puppies??  I found them on Oriental Trading Co.  Perfect for a 2 yr old tea party.
Little Tiaras for party favors and boxes filled with mini marshmallows
They were ALL so well behaved and well mannered.  Such a difference from the boys parties.
So dainty
I love how the boys dressed up too
Seriously so sweet and cute!

oooh yeahhh
The Royal couple. Tricia made Elliott a Prince Charming costume.  They are so cute and are totally each others best friend now.  "Alla and Ewiott"

Monday, February 6, 2012

Summer Time Blues

Where's this??  It's Newport Beach,CA.... and it is calling my name. 
We were thinking of doing a tour of the Southwest- NM, AZ, UT, NV etc etc and to visit my parents.  Then my Dad told me that he and my Mom were taking off and spending the majority of the summer driving and touring the US.  One of their first stops would be California.  So I did what any other kid would do- I invited myself and my family to meet them in Cali. :D  Now many of my siblings will be there too!  If you are a friend and live close and feel you might want to meet up one night for a crazy IKEA trip or some food- (*coughPaulandMarissacough*)  Let us know.  We wil be in that area June 9/10-15th). ;)

The Snow

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all came and went without any snow.  It was sad- esp when I heard that New Mexico was covered in the stuff.  I never thought that living in Boise, ID, I would be jealous of Silver City, NM for their snow.  Well- mid to late January it finally came.  We had an excellent storm that produced the best snow to build a snowman with.  By that evening, it was melted.  I then realized that that was all I needed and will be happy if we do not get anymore.  I like it to be in the mountains so we have access to it.  Once Christmas time is over- the snow should be too. ;)  The kids had fun though!

 She screamed bloody murder when I brought her inside.  Kids don't care if they are frozen and their hands are about to fall off- It's SNOW!!

 JoJo rolled this snow man all by himself!

 Of course, hot chocolate and marshmallows were quickly consumed once the playing was finished.

JoJo's Festivities

And behold, 7 years have passed and we did celebrate.
Here is the Lego Pinata we made.  Joseph helped put it together.  There are so many fun things in here- like JoJo sitting on his Birthday throne, the fruit lego blocks are the gifts people brought him for his birthday, the clown walking the plank (to the left), Preston and I on the merry-go-round with an umbrella (to the right), and Thurston helping a girl into the elevator to get away from the Dinosaur.  I'm not sure if you can see it- but there is a block with Swiper from Dora the Explorer behind Joseph and he is trying to get all the presents.  Seriously had a blast making this with him.  He's got quite an imagination.  Love it!

 He didn't want a cake for his actual birthday- but requested Drumstick ice cream cones.  I was more than happy to do that!

  Brothers gotta hug...
 he also provided the entertainment
 Starscreem Kre-o.... to go with the Optimus Prime one, and yes, they are both in pieces and have joined the ranks of the rest of the Lego's.
 He has been asking for a remote-control helicopter for so long!  I'm not sure who likes it more- him or his Daddy. ;)

 He chose the low-key sleepover with a Lego theme. 
 Lego Ninjago!

 The boys got to make their own little pizzas- towards the end that ended up being me asking what they wanted on theirs. ;)

 Everyone face cracks me up here
 Aleah is our own little Scroccone (scrounger).  If you leave it- she will eat it!
Notice this is a different color than the last one she had. ;)
Collecting the Loot

And you know that with a group of little boys- when singing the Happy Birthday Song- you will get a few "cha-cha-cha's" thrown in there.