Monday, January 23, 2012

Lego Pinata

In the event you find you have a lot of Lego's/ Duplos and don't want to run to the store to get a pinata (or spend the time making a pinata the traditional way.... may I suggest this??  Super easy and the boys had fun. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweet Little Things

Any Man can watch Football, but this Daddy will watch football while he paints his little Princess's toe nails.

Watching these little guys coloring makes me happy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's Adventures

We decided to stick around SLC and hang out with Nana for New Year's Eve.  We had a quiet
evening, hung out in jammies and played Uno Spin in our Jammies.  It was nice and cozie with the fire place going.  This time it was a real one, and not the Netflix version. ;)
    Kimball made an appearance for a bit.
 Thurston won the game :)
 Timmy Time kept Aleah preoccupied.
 Poor Nana lost the game, but she was a good sport!
 BTW, this is a super fun game :)
 At the 0 countdown. the kids all had pots and pans to bang on.  We let them bang and make noise to their hearts content- for one minute because that is about how long we could handle it! :)

We then enjoyed some bubbly on the balcony to watch the fireworks.  The boys were impressed for about 20 seconds, and then ran back inside.  The adults lasted about 45 seconds.  ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


2 Christmases ago, we received a call on Dec 23 from our brother in law letting us know that we might want to come down to SLC for Christmas, as they feared it might be Ralph's (Preston's father) last one.  It took us 30 minute to decided, pack, load up the car and head out.  We were there for the Thomson's Christmas Party.  It was a fun Christmas, even though I blame the travel and extra treats on my super water retention ( remember I was super Prego with Aleah).  A few days after Christmas, Ralph was officially diagnosed with Liver Disease and was given 6 months to live.  After that, each visit, each phone call was cherished, and we tried to make it down as often as possible.  Thanks to modern medicine and an amazing Dr., Those 6 months turned into 2 years.  We saw Ralph on Thanksgiving, and bid him and Julie off to Hawaii with their daughters and families.  Preston had the feeling it might be the last time he saw him.
So fast forward a few weeks, Preston calls me on my way home to tell me that they had given him less than 72 hours.  He had been thinking about him and wanted to give him a call.  He was just going into his coma state and put on morphine when Preston called, but was able to hear his Father say "Hey Pres, I love you".  Those were his last words. :( 
While this is extremely sad and hard to face, beauty and love came from it.  Preston left the next day, his brother and sister in law who had been in Florida were able to fly in just in time.  He was at home, they made his as comfortable as possible.  He was surrounded by his loving wife, all of his children and most of his grandchildren.  They sat around him, shared stories, memories, thoughts and songs that reminded them of him.  While he was unconscious and unable to respond, there were bits where they felt that he knew they were there.  He died shortly after midnight on December 23.  Hence my post about an eventful Christmas. 
  Preston was able to make it home for Christmas, we had a wonderful time, but we all went to SLC on Tuesday.  It is hard to describe how that week went.  Bittersweet?  Sad?  Beautiful?  Full of love.  We spent the week helping here and there, preparing for the funeral etc.  The night before was the viewing.  It was supposed to be from 6-8.  We arrived at 5:50 only to be greeted by a line out the door of people waiting to pay their last respects.  The line did not die down the entire time and I think we got out of there around 9:30.  We were able to spend some time as a family and all went out for dinner and Banana malts (Ralph's favorite).  I got to know and grow closer to Preston's siblings, and our nieces and nephews. 
The viewing at the funeral was the same.  The funeral itself was absolutely beautiful, tearful and dare I say, sweet?  So much love and so many wonderful memories and thoughts expressed by all.  Preston of course was a pallbearer, and the boys were honorary pallbearers.  The graveside service was short and sweet and Preston was able to participate in a Sigma Chi ceremony (one of the legacies from his father).  It was hard to say good bye.  We had been prepared for it, but it still sucks when it happens.  It's starting to sink in and hit me just how much he will be missed.  We do not regret those visits we had- even if they were 20 minutes on our way through town.
I was able to spend NYE with Julie and we sat and went through boxes of photos.  They lived an amazing life and I told her that she couldn't die any time soon!!  I told Preston that it was like the movie Big Fish.  Ralph lived a full life, he saw the world over and over again- we've all heard the stories he had to tell, and at the funeral, you would see groups of people sharing those memories in their eyes.  It was beautiful, and a beautiful reminder of what life is all about- how you treat others, how you make them feel.  Live a full life the best you can, and share that journey with those around you.  Let your memory be good to those who are left behind.
  HERE is a copy of his Obituary.  I dare you to read it and not say "wow, that man lived!"  And now he lives on in our hearts and memories.  We love you, Ralph!  Miss you so much.  I thank you for these last 10 years as your Daughter in Law.  You always made me feel loved, welcomed and special.  Love you!!
I absolutely love this band, and this song is wonderful to listen to when going through this.  At least it was for Preston and I.
Ralph and baby Thurston
   Ralph, Preston and the boys.  3 generations of UTE fans.  Utah Stadium 2007
 Sledding with Grandpa and his awesome Russian hat.  Christmas 2008
 Family at the said 2007 game.
   Ralph and our special date.  I was honored to be his guest/ date at the National Advisory Council Dinner at the University of Utah.  A super fun, eventful night that I will remember forever!!  As an honor to his memory, I wore this same outfit.  Each of us had on some kind of red to remember him by.  Love you, Ralph!

Christmas 2011

To say that this Christmas was eventful would be an understatement, but I will keep this post to just Christmas.  Here is Drago helping us with the Christmas Tree
                        JoJo's turn to place the Star
    As you can see, the kids like to cooperate when we take pictures
                    Christmas Eve Dinner!
 The loot.  We have to wait until the last moment otherwise the littlest Monkey gets into everything
  Thurston and I
   I love how happy Thurston is.  They had smaller and thicker wine glasses at the $1 store, so I got some for the boys- they were way excited. ;)
    Joseph took this.  It is out of focus, but it was cute so I shared it.
 Boys opening their PJ's
    Ooh La! LA!
    They decided to use the giant stocking and had a sack race.
  ..... Aleah tried to join them ;)
   Oooh yeeeeaahhh... my turn to be sexy! :D
   But he has me beat.
 Aleah came into the dining room with her jammies.  She had managed not only to open a present, but the
exact one she was suppost to open that night.  She got Strawberry Shortcake or in her words "Sho-cake".  She still had to wear the fairy dress though.
   After dinner and gifts, we headed upstairs where we blew up the air mattress and snuggled in to watch A Christmas Story eating our berry pie and hot chocolate.  A new tradition that is AWESOME! :)

 Kre-O Prime!  Hasboro legos that make and transform the Transformers= killing to birds with one stone. :)
   The new Red Bike
    Aleah and her Kitchen
     Tea time is her favorite past time.  Esp in the tubby.   We could have given her only this and she would have been just fine. :)
   The aftermath- yikes
 Had to share our 'fire place' via Netflix- even played us some might fine Christmas tunes.  Excellent.
  Our Christmas as home was in the middle of a crazy time, but we took the day to relax and enjoy one another.  We are grateful for that.