Saturday, October 29, 2011

Adults Turn

We had the pleasure of hosting a Halloween Party for us adults.  If you haven't figured it out by now, I LOVE hosting parties.  Planning the menu, decorations, place settings, etc, I thrive off of it.  Once the party starts I have fun, but then it ends and all my hard work is over, I get a little sad.  That is why I take pictures to remember it. :)  I had a lot of help from my friend Ashley, Preston made the main course and everyone pitched in with the food- so it wasn't nearly as stress full this time around.  Ashley even came by today to help clean up.  Hooray!
Here is the main 'dining room'
Dessert Table
                 " Lounging area"
                 Appetizers.  Ashley made those little puppies- picture an oreo cake ball meets truffle. I'm not sure how many I ate....
                                                     Beverage cart
                                        I loved the lights
          We had our kids and a couple others, so we bribed them with their own party upstairs. :)  I set up the carnival games from the week before, popcorn spiked with candy corn, goodie bags with treats and cheap toys... movies.  They were super good and played really well together.
 So this is Ashley.  Around this time of year I get to use what I went to school for- Theatrical make up.  She went as the Corpse Bride.  The pictures don't do it justice- it totally rocked.  I loved this picture and had to highlight how awesome she looked.
   Here's a better picture of her and her husband Kelly- who I personally believe is the love child of our friend Travis and Dave K.  Seriously.  But you can't tell in this picture too well. :)

   Here is like the only shot of me of the night.  I had so much fun making the finger waves in my hair and
doing the pin curls.  I really wanted a candy cigarette... boo.  If you look to the right you can see Preston.  He was going to be my partner in crime, but couldn't/ didn't want to spend money on the right suit.  So Preston did what he always does and put on his robe, but kept the giant cigar and fedora hat.  He rocked it.  I will give whom ever guesses what the guy to my left went as 500 points. ;)  I think he won the costume contest.  I will give you 2 hints: SNL and Justin Timberlake.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

5th Annual Thomson Halloween Carnival!!

Its that time of year again.... my favorite Holiday (Halloween).  We did our carnival party again and it just keeps getting better each year.  We had a huge turn out, lots of yummy food, amazing chile and the best weather!! 
Here is Aleah awaiting the guests (Pebbles)
 Monster Can Toss
                               Ring Toss
 Spider's Lair (stick hand in spiders mouth to get a prize)
 Plink-o!!  Well- "land your spaceship"... if you got in the middle (Area 51) you got the uber prize
              Face Painting

    Balloon Pop ( pop a balloon to get a treat).  We only had dull darts, so our neighbor let us use an arrow.  It was fun watching the kids try to throw it. :)
 This was later filled with yummy food....
 Cookie Decorating table
   Pretty much the best picture ever ;)
 Pebbles and Bam Bam!! 
 Elloitt sneaking in a kiss..........


 This is one BAD Unicorn.... ;D  Yes, that was what she really was- a bad unicorn.  I love kids!
 Hey you kids!  Get off my lawn! Lame, I know. ;)

 Oh yeah- it's the Flintstones!
 Flintstones and the Rubbles... and Pebbles and Bam Bam - kissing?! Hahaha!! :)

 After shock. I love how all the kids chairs are overturned.
 Crafts are cool
We seriously had so much fun.  We love hosting this every year, and love how our neighbors and friends get involved and help out.  Seriously!  Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

And that was September

 So this month went by and was extremely busy.  For some reason I thought that having the kids back in school would give me more free time, yeah, not so much.  At least, that is what it feels like!  Lots of stuff to fill our time with this month.  We lost a dear sweet Aunt this month that was unexpected. :(  We will miss you Aunt Susan!
      These pictures are out of order because they loaded that way and I'm too lazy to reorganize them! :)

 Here is a picture JoJo drew at school, cute, it is his Principle at school, but the best part is if you look on the bottom left in the brown, you can make out a dinosaur.  This is a dinosaur bone deep in the ground that a Paleontologist will dig up :)

Thurston got a Chrysalis for a party favor and got to watch it 'hatch' into a butterfly!  We let it go in the back, but first put some sugar water on a flower for it to drink.  He was sad when it flew away, but is very glad we got some pictures. :)

                                       Aleah playing with play dough on the floor in her boots. :)

Thurston's birthday was on the 31st- he had a sleep over with some friends, and on his actual birthday we went to Wahooz as a family.  This is his Red Castle Crasher cake.

I had to include the picture of Aleah's destruction.  While we were opening presents, she had her tasting of the cake.  I took the picture and she went in for seconds. :)
The kids always love to bring us breakfast in bed for Mother's Day/ Father's Day and ask us when they will get breakfast in bed, so we surprised Thurston on his birthday.  Loved it!!  He's a wee bit sleepy here.               
We had our 9th Anniversary last week, Preston had to leave for the funeral that afternoon so we snuck out for lunch before he left.  He is leaving again tomorrow for work in SLC for a few days (which will be during his birthday as well!)  Never fear, we have a wonderful Weekend escape to Park City this coming weekend and it will just be us 2, and we are SO EXCITED!!