Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That's what he said

With every baby, I make a blessing blanket for them (I crotchet it). I have yet to make one look 1/2 as fabulous as the ones my Mom makes, but they are made by Mommy and my kids love them. Joseph still sleeps with the grey remants of his. Well, I was working on one for the little bean, when Thurston asked "Mommy, is that a new white blanket?" "Yes" "Is it for the new baby" "Yes" (after a pause) "Are you going to eat the blanket so the baby can have it?" This was possibly the cutest thing I have heard. I just love his logic behind ( and the child who said it).

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake Cascade

This last weekend we went up to Donnelly, ID to our friends (parents) cabin. It was a nice break from day to day life with out a cell phone or computor. I've decided that this is they way to camp, in a beautiful place where deer come up to the back porch, next to a nice clear lake, clean air.... in a cabin that has Direct TV where you can watch Man VS Wild and appriciate the outdoors. haha. Our weekend consisted of us boating and eating yummy food, playing Rock Band and the Wii, and watching cable TV. It was fantastic! This is a picture of some of us in the water, you can't see it that clearly, but TanTo the dog also has a life jacket. It was hilarious, he came out to swim with us.

This is Preston's first time on a Wakeboard, he now prefers it to water skiis.The Boys LOVE being out on the boat. There are more photos of our trip here:

Friday, August 14, 2009

What's it gonna be???

I made my appointment to get the Ultra Sound!!!!! We will go in on Sept 17th and hopefully we will be able to see what the little bean is. I posted a poll over to your right to get peoples feed back. To help in your decision: This pregnancy compared to the previous 2: I have been way more sick with this one. Girl? Or time progression? My butt has gotten the brunt of the weight gain as opposed to my nose. (old wives tale states that shows a girl) My Acne came out full force (signs of a girl... extra hormones?) My Boobs (sorry guys) have become fantastic, (yay Preston) much better and faster than the other 2 sign of girl.. or getting fatter? hhmmmm... I have not wanted much meat, but will eat an entire package/ plate/ bucket of cookies if given the opportunity. These all point to a girl. Now, just as a side note, it seems around here esp in our ward people tend to go all girls or all boys. I have had many friends who have threatened/ teased / cursed me saying I will have 3 boys ( Which I would be very happy with). But as you may suspect, I would really really like a girl, and yes, those of you who are wondering, I have the nursery all picked and planned out if it is a girl. Just say the word and it's on!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Because

Preston is awesome. He sometimes will bring home flowers for me, and it always ends up
being on a day where I really appreciate them. He surprised me with these yesterday.
He had called me before leaving work to see if I needed anything and he told me he was
actually glad to hear that I wanted something (as an excuse to go to the store). And yes, the Cheetos and Hanson's soda was very much appreciated. (Have I mentioned that I am passed the sick stage and now full into cravings?)
Joseph said "Hey Mom, take a picture of me smelling the flowers!"
Thurston learned not to chew on a pen the hard way. This is what he looked like after the bath.
Then he said: "Mom I take a picture of you?"
Then Joseph said: "I want to take a picture of Jazz"
... And of the TV. Naked Thurston happened to be in front of the TV. He did just come out of the bath, but truth be told, the boy just likes being naked.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This last weekend we went up to Lucky Peak with our good friends and had a blast on Bill's Boat. Being pregnant, I was unable to participate in the best parts, but still enjoyed the ride and hot dogs. Here are some photos:
Preston being awesome
Teaching the boys how to skip rocks
Thurston being cute
It was Bill's birthday, so afterwards to went to Chi Ming and Wendy's place for some Korean BBQ. Her parents were visiting from Hong Kong so we got to visit with them (and they made us the dinner)... it was fabulous!
I made the cake for him as usual. This one I felt, turned out pretty dang sweet! Marshmallow fondant rules! And yes, Han Solo is driving a Storm Trooper.
An art update. I was feeling blue and thought I needed therapy so I picked up a brush and went at it. I wanted a new painting for our downstairs bathroom. It had an old world theme going on and wanted to keep that alive. On the other hand, it is Preston and I so I felt it needed a little personality. This was the result. It's not perfect, but I am very happy with how it turned out!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Driving Music

Driving to and From Salt Lake can get a little monotonous and boring, esp if you have to drive by yourself with 2 kids. With it being 10 hours round trip, you can tire of your music choices after awhile and we decided to start mixing it up a little. I put in one of my CD's, then Preston plays one of his. I already started to convert to his music years ago, and have found that I rarely get disappointed in his choice of tunes. They usually consist of bands that I had never heard of before and then they grow on me. I think my favorite has been Elliot Smith, but you have to be in a more somber mood to fully enjoy him. Next in line would be a band that I have enjoyed for the last 3 years and declare them the best driving music. They are called Pavement and were together back in the 90's and early 2000's. I particularly love the song "Cut Your Hair".
as enjoyed here: They are not everyone's cup o' tea, but found their quirkiness to be enjoyable. Maybe someday I will not be so lazy and post pictures of the trips we just took. Till then...