Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Birthdays are definitely different when you are older, but I have learned to enjoy them.  This time around, Preston took the day off, so I was able to sleep in and take breakfast in bed.  Then he took Aleah to the Library so I could do Yoga in peace without a 2 year old monkey on my back.  It was raining and we had planned on doing a picnic, so Thurston suggested to do it inside.  So there we were, snacking on some Quiznos on a blanket in our livingroom, and it was fantastic.
We got a babysitter and Preston and I went out to the Movies, followed by a trip to purchase an ice cream cake.  Oh yes, it was delicious.  We totally ate that first, then had dinner- because it was my birthday and that's how I roll.
I was laughing at the pictures... this one was pretty good, but I am doing something pretty wierd with my mouth.
 Oh, that's sweet- wait, crap- Aleah is not wearing any pants...

ahhh... Oh come on JoJo- open your eyes...
 Yes!  Ok, Thurston is now looking off...
F.   Nevermind.

Woohoo to Tile!

Tile in the bathroom seems like something that isn't that exciting to talk about, but when you have had yucky carpet lying around in your Master bath- it is something to celebrate.  Granted- this was done back in December and it has taken me this long to post.  I hope to be a little more diligent in up keeping the blog for all 4 of you that may or may not still be reading this thing.
   So here we are, we found this tile at Home Depot and I LOVE it.  It's Brazilian Slate- it's manufactured, so it is not a true slate, but its nice.  It has a good texture so you won't slip and fall like the tile we have in the kitchen (that stuff is the WORST).  Plus, it stays warm because it is a second floor, and the materials it is made out of.  It has a sandy look to it in person, which is what I wanted.  Because of the new tile, of course I had to repaint it.  This picture was ,my inspiration- we took it last summer when we were in San Diego.  It's pretty and has great memories tied to it.

Big thanks to our buddy Travis who installed it for us!   

 I decided to paint the vanity and add a little bling to the mirror.  I just attached 2"x2" tiles around the existing mirror.  I have to say I love how it turned out.
And here is a door....?
I also painted an older dining room table.  It had good bones, but was that "80's oak" color, so then I kept painting and painted the side table, and then the kids destroyed my Soji screene, so then I had to make another painting to fit the room.  Luckily, when my neighbor was movie there was a giant canvas she gave me.  I stretched some leftover fabric from the curtains and did a Watercolor.
Here it is upclose:
'Till next time...