Friday, September 16, 2011


 The Praying Mantis, such a fascinating creature.  I love watching it move its head around and attack bugs and wasps.  They love our back porch- esp since we put the Gazebo up.  They have become our little friends and I have appreciated them eating the excess bugs.
That is, until I learned that they engage in sexual cannibalism.  I learned this by watching it happen.  The female will bite the head off of the male, then proceed to devour the rest of him.  I was so grossed out and fascinated that I couldn't stop watching.  I was impressed that she could finish him off.  So I thought I would snap a photo to share- aren't you excited?  Here she is with just the bottom bulb part left:

 Part way through taking the pictures, she stopped eating and turned her little head and stared at me.
                                  Isn't it Freaky?!??!  Aren't you glad I am sharing this with you?