Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thurston's first Field Trip

Thurston's Preschool went to Linder Farms this year, and he had a total blast! He LOVED the hayride and corn pit. He hated the hay maze, didn't understand why it kept dead ending. ;) Here he is with his cute buddy Rachael (I think they are in just about every photo together) :) Enjoying the Hayride He got to pick a corn ear and feed it to the pony! He got the hang of the maze after a couple minutes What kid doesn't enjoy a nice over sized tire to play in? Corn pit. I swear I was finding corn kernels for a week.

Air mattress monster

In May 2009, we spent Memorial day in SLC with our friends. We stayed at Preston's parents house and the boys took the faulty air mattress. This picture was taken the next morning. Good luck in deciphering who's limbs belong to who. It was hilarious! I had forgotten this picture existed until they emailed it to me a few weeks ago. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday and little Pumpkins

When you have little kids and you pass by a bin of little pumpkin's and the little kids say "Awwwe, look at the little pumpkins! Can we get them?" ...you get them. You get them because they ARE cute, and they are 3/ $1. So we made a night of it and decorated them. JoJo looks a little drunk, and Aleah's look cracks me up here. The final products: Joseph's, Preston's, Aleah's (she had a 'little' help), mine and Thurston's. Thurston's is my FAVORITE! It looks just like the drawings of his people. Soo cute! Here is another shot. Note the rock that made it into the picture. Cracks me up!! It was also Preston's Birthday the next night. We decorated upstairs and waited for Daddy to come home. The boys stood by the windows waiting. When he came in, they pretended to fight and I pretended to yell and yelled at Preston to come and help me. Not that this scenario ever really happens... .... we thought we would see if this ever happens if Preston would come and help. ;) Like clockwork, he came up the stairs and we yelled surprise. Being the boob he is, (and ever so sweet husband/ Daddy) He really appreciated it. We ate homemade pizza and rice crispy treats (both his fave). It was fun. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Babies and Kitties

Aleah is fascinated with our cat Jazz, and several times have had to rescue one from the other. She likes to stalk him around the room. I don't know if he's lazy or just dumb, but he will move like 3 feet at a time away from her. It's fun to watch. We got her a stuffed kitty that looks just like him and for the first day, it did not leave her hand. I thought these pictures were adorable and hilarious... she so badly wants the kitty! COME BACK!!!!!!