Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mini Me

There is a famous picture of me sitting on a piano bench in a blue dress.  Legend says that I took the picture, then ripped the pigtails out and ran to play.  The said picture is below to the left.  I apologize for the size, its the only copy I have.
                        Here is Aleah, sitting on a bench in not a blue dress, but a brown crushed velvet track suit.  She, like me, posed and then proceeded to rip the pig tails out and went to play.  I still have a little time because technically I was a little older than 2, and Aleah is just under.  I need to make a blue dress....:)

Thankful Tree

Like everyone as of late, I totally stole this idea from Pinterest, and hey- that's what that site is for, right? I deconstructed my haunted tree and made it look less creepy, then I cut out all these cute little papers and we all sat down and wrote what we were thankful for.  It is in our front room on display so we can see it every morning and remember what we are thankful for.
The boys had fun 'decorating' the tree.

Of course, Drago was there,  Something about the way he is posing just makes me think this is the cutest thing ever.  He's so funny.

   Thankful fingers
And NO I am not pregnant, I am just wearing a baby doll shirt and I didn't realize it had poofed out as much as it did.

Had to throw one more in the mix

Our Happy Thanksgiving Tree!  Yes, I see her too... creepy, eh?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We waited for until the last minute to carve pumpkins this year (like, finished an hour before!) :)
 Rachael was over so she got to help out

 We let them draw whatever and then we cut it out- pretty silly pumpkins this year, and JoJo the blooming artist drew all over the pumpkin- mummies, vampires etc.
 I did some Zombie make up for a couple of girls.  They liked it, but after seeing what Julie did to her kid- seems kinda lame- but she liked it. :)
          Aleah has been obsessed with Pumpkins lately (or should I say Pumpies) ;)  I found this costume from when Joseph was this age.  She was soo excited, she kept saying "Pumpies! Pumpies!!"
Thurston as Drago from Bakugan

JoJo as Dan from Bakugan.  I love the animation.

Drago is Dan's bakugan and the bakugan sits on his shoulder- this was their *attempt* to recreate that. haha.

The Boys and their buddies after Trick or Treating

 My little Pumpies with all the other pumpies