Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello 30's!

So the day came, and I turned 30. I think that I was surprized to wake up and not be a hagg. While I have noticed some greys sprouting and some wrinkles gathering, I think I have a few years left in me before I will start to really freak out. I think I am having a harder time accepting other people aging over mine. Like my niece being a senior next year, or my Mom turning a certain age I will not disclose here.. or my sister that is 10 years older than me turning a certain age I will not disclose here either! ;) I also am having a hard time grasping the concept that Young Women I taught who were my beehives and Mia Maids are now getting married, are married or/ and having babies!! So not cool. My birthday was nice. We were in Salt Lake and the night before we were celebrating my Bro in laws b-day and got caught up in a game of cards, so I ushered in my day by winning 2nd place in Texas Hold em. Yeah baby! We ALL slept in, Jojo got up before us (so prior to 10:30) ;) and he and Nana made Muffins and surprised me with Breakfast! It was so cute coming upstairs and hearing Joseph "whisper" " Nana! She's coming, I can hear her, can you hear her? We have to hid the muffins!" So cute! We hung around for a bit and then set out for home. We first stopped by the Campus and we took some shots of the stadium for Preston's Room. I've done some touch up work and I think they turned out sweet. Maybe I will post them later. We stopped in Burley, ID (yippee...) for dinner and settled for Perkins. Preston made the comment "I bet you didn't expect that on your 30th birthday, you would be eating at a Perkins off the freeway in Burley, ID with your Husband and 3 kids". True, True, I was picturing it a little different than that... more like a JB's or Village Inn.;) The trip home was really long because of all the stops, but it was nice. Now today is a recoup day, we are all in jammies and I have been updating things, hence the 3rd post today. Here are some shots of me as a wee little whipper snapper and as a almost 30 year old. Me as a baby chewing a pencil sitting on golden carpet next to a fabulous plaid couch. Here is me in one of my last hours of my twenties with Fai Ana and Danielle. I'm the super pale one.

Aleah's Blessing

Last Friday (the 26th) we blessed Aleah in Salt Lake. Preston's Father, Ralph had the honor of performing the blessing. It was a very nice evening filled with lots of family and friends and Preston's homemade oven toasted sandwiches. (I must add honorable mention to the Costco chocolate cake). Here are some shots of my adorable baby girl in her blessing gown: We were so excited that we actually caught a smile on camera!! Just look at how adorable she is!
Me and Baby girl!
There were so many people around, kids young and old all running around, wanting to hold her etc... and she was so patient and calm the whole time. She's such a sweetheart and we love her more and more each day.
This is her with her Great Nana Jean. This is a 4th generation shot, with a 95 year age difference!

I'm no professional

I will admit that while I am not the best and that my cakes have flaws, but I have fun making them! Esp when they work with a theme. This is my latest creation. I made it for our Relief Society Birthday Mad Hatter Tea Party. I love how it turned out. While stylish, it was that much better tasting with dark fudge cake, homemade chocolate butter cream frosting and raspberry preserve filling. Yummy!! I made someone else cut it up though, I refused! ;)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Why do I Bother?

One morning I was feeling full of energy and got up, exercised and cleaned the whole downstairs before I took a shower, and this was all before 11 in the morning! So I go take a shower and get ready for the day feeling on top of things... until I reach the stairs, and found this:this:this:and This!All done by this little guy right here: I think the pants on backwards adds

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 1 Month old Aleah!!

I can't believe that it has already been a month! We love her more and more every day, and I swear she gets more and more beautiful each day. We love our little sweet heart!! Bath time was a family event this morning:

Monday, March 8, 2010

If life were Peaches and Cream...

I was chatting with a friend the other day and we started talking about Barbies. She told me that she was as Toys R Us and that they were releasing a 25 yr anniversary Peaches and Cream Barbie!!!! For those of you who grew up in the eighties and were a little girl (or boy with a love of barbies) knows just how awesome this barbie was. She was, in my eyes, the ultimate Barbie to have in your collection. I sadly, never got her.
This is where being an adult can be fun. See, with having little boys Preston was able to live out his childhood dreams and purchase Transformers and even an original Voltron toy (which he always wanted). He may enjoy playing with them as much, if not more than the boys do. Now that I have a daughter, I too have an excuse to purchase such items. Never mind that she is only 4 weeks old, I will admit that I want the doll for myself. But look at her, she's fabulous!!
(This is the original 1985)
Happy 25th Anniversary Peaches... You will be mine someday.

Lego Family

I love that my boys love to build and create "inventions" (thats what they call them), with their legos. I esp love that they have 4 older Thomson Cousins that gave them a large bucket of Duplos, and for Preston's Mother for not throwing out Preston's 3 gallon container full of Legos from his childhood... literally saved us hundreds of dollars there!
Here is (one of) Thurston's latest inventions....
He made our family out of blocks. I believe that Joseph made Aleah though. It goes (from left to right): Preston, Thurston, Joseph, Me and Aleah. Too cute I had too share.
** Side note, neither Preston or I helped him, he made them then brought us to them to show them off. Smart kiddo.