Tuesday, May 19, 2009

foosball cake

So another adventure in cake making! This time it was for our friend Jason, it was a Foosball table, it was functional and it was awesome! The basic structure was this:
Sheet cake with green (mint..mm mm) frosting with the lines of the table painted on with white frosting. We then skewered Swedish fish on skewers, using graham crackers as the wall. It was careful work getting the holes in the crackers with out them breaking, but we did it. We used a whopper for the ball. Besides the icing being sticky, it actually worked. It was awesome.
We didn't have candles, and while we did contemplate trying to set the fishes on fire, we ended up using one of the marshmallow handles and lighting it on fire. It was fun.
Is it just me, or do my arms look freakishly long here?
This was the Ref. He looks like an angry Leprechaun.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Be Careful what you do around your children

The other day we were outside and our cat was running around. I looked up to see him perching on the fence and thought it was funny, so I took a picture.I put the camera down, and decided it would be funny to scare the cat and see what would happen....
Joseph had picked up the camera.
That's all I have for today.
For the record, the cat didn't fall, but jumped and clawed at the fence. Simple entertainment for a simple mind. And this is a lame post

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day began around 5am when Joseph had a bad dream and came in to snuggle us. Approx 15-20 mintes later, Thurston, having caughed all night, decided he needed to come in too. Our bed is only a Queen, so when you put us all together, Preston and I are hugging the edge of the bed. Add a cat at my feet and you get me curled up in a small ball almost hanging off the bed. Preston was gracious enough to go to the couch and snuggle in with all the freshly folded laundry. That was as bad as it got.
The boys went downstairs (with my cooercing) to spend time with Daddy. Preston let me sleep in and wanted to know what and when I would like breakfast. I awoke about an hour later to the sounds of the boys climbing the stairs. I heard Joseph " look Daddy, I am being really really carefull and walking slowly." I could picture him carrying up the food and it made me smile.Next thing I knew, Thurston was up on the bed and said,
"Mommy! Here are your rocks and Joseph has your lunch!" This is from them:

I love them. Thurston stayed home from church because he wasn't feeling well, and Preston stayed home with him. On our way out to the car to come home, Joseph asked if he could have the car keys to open the door, I let him. He proceeded to unlock, and open the door. "Mommy, get in the car". He handed me my keys and then he shut the door for me and then ran around and got in his door. How cute is that!??!

Preston spoiled me by BBQing and it was delicious as it always is. Here are some photos of our fun time. We ended the night watching National Lampoons European Vacation. I was used to the edited TV version, you know, the one with out all the boobies. my my. Still cracked me up though.

Check out Thurston's gettup! Green shark shirt, tight blue jammie bottoms, and red crocks. He dresses himself...Don't mind Preston's hat hair...
To tell me he loved me, Preston quoted Flight of the Concords "you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen eating a Kabob (kabab)"... I was touched.

Monday, May 4, 2009

little tid bits, and my son announces his gas

I knew it would be a good day, I made waffles. This morning I went to the library for mini Monets to discover the class is over until the fall. They have temporarilly replaced it with a 55 and older class "Fit and fall-proof". Awesome. While I may giggle, it is a really neat opportunity for the elder generation to get together and have a low intensity work-out that's free. Our Library is awesome with stuff like that, not to mention it was sweet to watch. So I let the boys color in the kid area while I hunted for books. Satisfied, we loaded the car and headed to the grocery store to pick up some pull-ups. We discovered that the mars candy had a special display of M&M 's and Snickers for Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen. (which we are very excited about). Delecto-cons and Choco-bot candy. We already have an Optomash Prime Potato Head, but I have to admit that the Blue M&M Optimus Prime was just rad. I want one. They have little shopping carts for the kiddos to wheel around the store and the boys love it and have made it a point to always run into my heel while using them. All was great until I put a special sandwich in Thurston's cart (picnic at the park... I'm awesome mommy today). Well, then Joseph freaked out and wanted it in his cart. So I am trying to get to the register, calm 2 fighting toddlers and manuever 2 tiny carts at the same time. We put on a great show. We are just about done and I think I have everything under control. I hear Thurston say "I Farted", I say "SHHHhhhh!!!" And he shouts on the top of his lungs "I FARTED!!!" then giggles, then I giggle, and the cashier giggles. We exit. Ahhh, the rest of the day has been uneventful. We went to the park, came home and the boys have watched movies and played video games while I work in the art room. I can now cross 1.5 of my projects off the list. It's been a good day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The lost Month?

At the end of each month I usually look at my calendar and review what has happened and what I experienced. I don't know why I do it, I just do. To my surprize this month really dragged, yet was full of events and crazy happenings. Maybe it was too full and my brain got overloaded, but it seems the goals I set out to accomplish didn't get done and a whole lotta nothing took it's place. I currently have requests/ projects for 2 childrens books, 3 paintings and several "little" things people have requested or that I want to get done. Yet my 'studio' space is completely in tatters and I can't create anything nice when the room is in such dissaray.... but I can't get to my art room to clean until the house hold chores are done, and the kids are taken care of. Yesterday Joseph was at his friend Zach's all day so I thought I would clean the house really quick and get to my room to work while Thurston watched a movie. Next thing I know I finished the laundry and cleaning and vacuuming and it is 5:30, Joseph needs to be picked up and dinner needs to be made. Preston will come home late because work is crazy and the Home teachers will be here soon. huh. Such is life, right? That has been my month. The problem, is when I have an idea or project my mind is on that and it builds up and builds up and I need to release it or I get really cranky (just ask Preston). Thus leading to the decline in my patience for my kids, then I feel bad for yelling at them. Preston feels bad because work has been demanding (that's what happens when they lay half the people off with the same amount of work left to do), and he is working at least 50 hours a week. By the time he comes home, IF the kids are still awake, he gets about an hour in before they are off to bed. But then they cry because they don't want to go to bed, they want to play. When they finally pass out, Preston and I find time to relax, he plays guitar, I read (by this time I am too tired to go work in the art room), sitting side by side on our bed talking about the day. It is then that we vent and then are grateful that we have each other, and with the boys asleep and quiet, we are grateful for them as well. Alarm goes off, we do it again. I liked my life better when I let the house get messy and I didn't care. I didn't focus on what others thought when they came over, my mind was more on what my kids were doing, my projects and the feeling/ experiences that my kids remember, like dancing in the livingroom like idiots.

But then I analysed why I was acting this way and realised that if I cleaned my art room, I could paint, and the projects I have are challenging and bottom line, I am afraid I will screw them up or not do them as well as I could. So I am telling myself to get over it and get my butt to work.

The End