Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday JoJo!!!

Today, my little man turned 5!!! I cannot believe that he is that old. He had come into our room at about 2:30 this morning to ask if it was his birthday yet. Here are some photos of the big guy through out the years. January 19, 2005 January 19th, 2006 January 19th, 2007 January 19th, 2008 I thought it was funny that he was wearing the same shirt the prev year!
January 19th, 2009
January 19th, 2010
The Primary gives each of the kids a 'birthday cake in a cup' kit... I let him make his for breakfast today, he liked it. :) Check out the curl fro he's been sporting. It looks better when it has been styled... he refuses to let me cut it! This is him on Sunday, when we had our usual birthday crowd over. I made him an Optimus Prime bust cake. The Optimash Prime Potato head made a fantastic addition. Note Han Solo on his shoulder... as per request by Joseph.
The Nerf Vulcan gun they got him. That thing is massive, fast and may weigh as much as he does... and it is awesome! Who wouldn't want an automatic shooter with it's own tripod?! Putting it into action....
Here is a video of the gun in action, Daddy was brave... note his hand placement though.
Happy Birthday to my little love! I have loved spending each day with you, and can't believe how big you have grown.. and more than just physically.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Christmas Adventure

When we planned this Holiday Season, we thought that would would just stay here and relax and have our own little Christmas at our own home this year... so we thought! It was about noon on Wed. the 23rd, we were on our way out the door to go have lunch when we got a call from our Brother in Law. Preston's Dad hasn't been feeling too hot lately and the rest of the family was there in Salt Lake. I had a panic attack when we all of the sudden, instead of going out for burgers, found ourselves packing the car with the clothes we found and our presents and headed for Salt Lake. We had toyed with the idea of riding the "Polar Express" line here in Boise to go to the North Pole to see Santa that day... but instead our train was a white minivan, and our destination was North Point Estates.

We got there just in time for the Thomson Christmas Party. We had fun, esp watching the Utes play in the Poinsettia Bowl (and winning...). Christmas Eve was fun, we just hung around, Thurston helped me make cookies and we decorated them while Preston watched football and JoJo played XBox. Everyone already had plans, so we came up with our own last minute dinner... Frozen dinners by candlelight!

The picure came out fuzzy, but I thought I looked better that way......We opened our token Christmas Eve Jammies and then got to open one more present. I opened mine from the boys, and they opened theirs from each other. Preston got to open the Helmet and display case before we left, so he was good. I got an adorable Diamond journey necklace, and the boys got (of course) Transformers.

This is Preston's giddy face... didn't want to pack it on the trip, so he got his early... he was super stoked!

We all slept in the Den, which had it's own fireplace (which the boys were very excited about). I awoke the next morning with JoJo right in my face yelling "MOM!!! Santa came and he brought be MEGATRON!!!" Please note the extra large stockings... we forgot ours, so Pres ran to the $1 store and found these. We have 5 of them now, and feel it only appropriate to make them the standard stockings for our family. I have a year to put our names on them.

We had our own little fun time, then headed downstairs with the rest of the family to open gifts. It was a fun unexpected Christmas that we enjoyed. It was neat having all of his family together, and it really meant a lot to his parents. I swelled like crazy from the drive and haven't gotten rid of it, but other than that it was great.

This is JoJo, Thursty and Jocelyn trying to wake up Cassie for Presents

When we got home, Sunday I made us our Christmas Eve dinner, complete with the Chocolate Lava cake. and ooohh, my! They were delicious!

And now, what year of adventures awaits us... like say, oh, a little girl!??!!

....this is me at 32.5 weeks