Monday, June 27, 2011

Redneck Party

Again, if you're on facebook, you've seen these, but just enjoy anyway :).
    Let's begin a journey, a magical journey of a Redneck party...
                                        Here is the glorious cake.  It was oh, so fun to make :)

 The ground is made of a mixture of regular and chocolate graham crackers and oreos.
 The tires on the roof help keep the tin from rattle in the wind...

We made sure that the car was bigger than the house.  If you look closely, you can spot the doggie poo ( rolled up tootsie rolls).
  Toilet Bowl planter
 Dip in the pool, is nice and cool...
 Of course, we needed to feel the part...
    BBQ Fountain!  We had the little smokies and there was also chicken nuggets
 Billy Boy preparing the cheese fountain
    Good 'ol Rich
 This is the happy birthday couple (whom I might add just this last week got engaged!)  We made them a Redmantic Picnic.  The blanket is 9 confederate flag bandanas pieced together with flaming duck tape (on the other side).  The basket boasted of Chicken in a biscuit crackers, American easy cheese, slim jims, twinkies and PBR.
 I so love this picture of Kim.  I love her duck taped denim sleeves, and Aleah looks cute, just being there :)

   This is why you do not put ideas into Preston's head.  He will take them and throw them back at you with a power you cannot fight...
 The Filipiaks
   The Mosers (she came from work)
 All us pretty people
 I tried to let my hair down.  Tried...
  Needless to say, it was a BLAST.  Love it!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


* I apologize to those who have already seen these on facebook.  I have friends and family who are on facebook and don't read this, and vice versa.  Then there are my parents who seem to not look at either one...

  The best way to welcome the little ones?  A giant sand sculpture of StarWars!!
      Aleah's favorite part (Dino Dig)
   Musical fountain (you jump on the yellow pads to make the instruments play)

     Lego Boats!!

        Sometimes the lines were long, but these guys held up pretty well
   This picture cracked me up.  Don't worry, she is not falling, she just didn't want to get down. :)

    Lego boat tour of mini land
    Seriously cracks me up.
 When my kids grow up, I want them to know that building amazing things like this out of legos for a living is an option.
              Bionicles!!!  Luckily there was a blue and red Toa ( I don't know their names, but the boys do).

    The Technic was actually a really fun ride that the parents enjoyed too.  After riding this, the boys went crazy and want to ride every roller coaster they see.  We reached a milestone this year though- JoJo was tall enough to ride all of the rides by himself!!
   This ride was fun, not too crazy, but it "tickled their heart" as they discribed it.
   Tuesday night we met up with Paul and Marissa and went out for some delicious Tepanyaki at Fuji's.  The kids were entertained and thought it was the coolest thing every.  Poor Keenan was very concerned about the onion fire volcano.  It was so good to see them and we very much enjoyed their company.  We were able to meet up with them a couple nights later at IKEA, where my children decided to have a melt down, but the meatballs were excellent. :)
   The Lego Starwars exhibit was amazing.  I'm not that into Star Wars, but it made me excited!
            The marching band in the front actuall marched around and played.  I love lego people.

  Evil Thurston
    The force is strong with Joseph...?
   The Sealife Aquarium next door was fun.  Aleah love love loved the fishies.
   We were 'frightened' at the sharks swimming over our heads

   It took way too many shots to get all these guys, they swam too fast!

   Seeing this, I think of Feeding Frenzy on X Box... I need to eat all these little guys to level up...:)
 Look closely toward the bottom right for the sea horse,

   It was a little chilly, but we still made it to the water park.  I hung out with Aleah in the Duplo area for the majority of the time.  Luckily, the water was heated, so it was all good. :)

 I love these little turds of mine.

   At this stage in our families life, we thought that Legoland was awesome!!  And thank you Hilton timeshare people for the $100 gift card so we could buy our little guys cool toys there :)

     This is a pic of JoJo talking to the little kid in line about how cool the ride was
     Dancing again

  In the end, we all wanted this:
But it was so much fun!!!  We stopped in Primm, NV on a whim at the Outlet mall... that was my Legoland :).
 We ended up stopping at IKEA in SLC as well (since SD didn't have the table I needed) and the kids got to play in the playplace there.  (they love IKEA for that reason).  We finally made it home and have been back to real life.  I finally got all caught up on laundry, and this morning when I was looking for a certain pair of shoes, realized that there was a garment bag in Preston's car that he flew home with him on the first weekend.  See, Laundry really IS never ending.....