Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bling for my Cat

I'm not a crazy cat lady.
My Cat, Jazz came home the other day with out his collar... so he not only lost yet another collar, but his ID tags as well. So we have since ordered him new tags with a handful of back ups. I went to the store to get him a new collar and could not resist this one.
You see, Jazz is a Tuxedo cat, his name comes from his markings that make him look like he is wearing a tuxedo. So when I found a collar that had a bow tie, naturally I couldn't resist.
Doesn't he look fabulous!? And on top of that, Walmart had a super cool pet stocking for $5 loaded with cat toys and catnip. Looks like Santa will be good to Kitty too! ( I know, Lame.)
On another note, (as to not have a post JUST about Jazz), Joseph was on a waiting list, and he got into the Head Start Preschool program. He started yesterday and even gets to ride the bus! He was soooo excited and ready to go. I felt like I shouldn't have had to face this yet, he's not in kindergarten! I thought I was fine until the bus drove away and we turned to walk to the house and Thurston said "I miss Joseph!" Ahhhh... But he is having so much fun, and It's been fun having just Thurston and Mommy time, I think we needed it! Esp with the new baby coming soon. Which by the way only 13 weeks to go!!!! (uuuhhhhgggg..) Wahoo!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby Shower

Last week started out pretty uneventful and I decided to take some time to relax... that lasted about a day. Tuesday night we found out that a little boy in our ward was involved in a tragic accident that took his life. It was really hard to think about and made me hold my boys that much tighter. After a long week his funeral was on Saturday and was really hard for everyone there. It is so sad when a little one is taken. My Baby shower was scheduled that day and we decided to keep it because we all needed a release, and I personally needed to be surrounded by people, and these ladies are always fun to be around. I'm so glad we had it because it was fun... AND my sisters Julie and Stacy were sneaky and decided to surprise me!! It was a surprise indeed, and with all that went on, it made me cry (in a good way). Here are some photos of the party. I was hooked up and got lots of cute stuff for Aleah, or as Preston put it "got a lot of accessories for my new doll". ;) I personally like this one because the dress is so cute, and it is covering my bloated face!
The rest of the weekend was great. Preston took charge and care of the boys while me and my sisters giggled and played. We discovered we were a little lame when we all fell asleep watching a movie. They stayed and went to church with me the next day. Thank you guys!! It was soo much fun! And a special THANK YOU to my wonderful neighbor Amber for hosting and putting all kinds of work into it, and Tricia and Samantha for all your work and food and for getting the ball rolling. I feel loved!
Here is a shot of me at 26 weeks. 14 to go!! (12 if history repeats itself!) My butt is having a race to see if it can keep up with the belly. See how proportionate it is?
....and here is a photo of my cat in the sink. And yes I did turn the faucet on him. And yes, I did get a video of it, but no, I did not post it because it takes too long to upload. Pretty funny.

Catching up on Halloween

Wow, little behind here! Halloween was a blast. We had our Halloween Carnival the Friday before and had a record # people show up... and I was surprised just how many people fit in my house! I lost count at 45 children and with the adults I could recall... 66 people!!! My house was left surprisingly clean! There are too many photos to upload and not enough patience for me to post them all here, but you can view them on my Facebook page:
Preston had gone to SLC to help his parents out with moving some stuff and they all got in really late Friday. Cousin Brent also came (who's at BSU) and the boys were super excited. I decided to treat everyone with Pumpkin Chocolate chip pancakes (they were awesome!) that morning.
We had a busy day moving and unloading some stuff at Uncle Brooks new place and then we visited him at St Al's (where he works) and Julie and I got to look around and see the maternity/ postpartum wing. We didn't get to see much because they are super tight on who they let in with all the sicknesses out there right now. We took the kids to Trunk or Treat and then around the neighborhood. I lasted a block or 2 then went back to hand out candy. Julie had her Witches costume and was greeting everyone with her signature cackle at the door. Then the Lundquists came over for some super yummy Chile and pumpkin pie. Here is our only shot of us, little sad it is out of focus. It was a fun Halloween and I'm glad we got to share it with some family!