Monday, July 9, 2012

BAM Competition

I am VERY excited to announce that in October I will have a piece for the Boise Art Museum.
It won't be a painting, this time I am putting on my designer pants- literally. 
In October, BAM (Boise Art Museum) is putting on a Recycled Fashion Show, and it just
so happens that my application got there in time and I will now be showcasing and competing with my entry.
It's simple:  Design and make an outfit using recycled materials and strut your4 stuff on the catwalk. 
People in attendance will vote on their favorite, and the winner wins $500! 
Win or loose, I am so very excited about this.  The day before I get to take my
stuff in for a photo shoot.
As of Yesterday, I am making great progress on my piece.  I will definitely need the full amount of time due to tedious work.  I am not revealing what it is exactly I am doing here, but I am loving how it is working out.
For a teaser, here are some shoes I picked up at a thrift store and am revamping for my outfit.  A lovely start if you ask me. 
Stay tuned!

Catch Up

I finally got around to unloading all the pictures on my camera.  I was surprised at how lazy I have been in not transferring some of these sooner.
JoJo's class had a Moosical performance at the end of the school year.  He was a pig, and a mighty cute one at that. :) (He's the one in the flannel).

 I spruced up the laundry room.  Cheapest make over yet!  I got the paint able wallpaper at home depot,
(super easy to use), repurposed some pillows and moved the shoe bench in from the entryway, Large cheap shelf from Home Depot as well, existing artwork and then some boxes from IKEA.  With Paint, decor, etc total was just under $60!  You can't tell, but the wallpaper has a cool tin ceiling textured design on it.  Now it has better storage and mud room section.  yahoo.  ( you know you were all dying to know what my laundry room looked like...)
 We had a bubble day.  Aleah got the giant bubble set for her birthday.  The day started out nice, but like a Kuna day in Spring, will turn on you in an instant.  It got really windy so that helped with the bubble making! 
 Experimenting with different things to use
 Lovely Daddy :)

 It ended up getting really cold there, but they had a blast.
 Here is Aleah.  I think this was at JoJo's Moosical.  It somehow ended up here in the feed, but she's a cutie, eh?!
 Some delicious Samoa cupcakes I made.  They were so beautiful, and even more delicious!
 Thurston's Kindergarten Graduation.
 I love how he is 'folding' his arms here
 And now he is praying?  He didn't want to dress nice that day, but we made a compromise:  White polo with slacks and he could wear the camo- slip on canvas shoes without socks. :)
 I love how he is shaking the Principals hand here
 That's his teacher in the back, Mrs. Ramos.
So now I am only 1 month behind. ;)