Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More bombs

Found these gems from Easter.  Made me realize at that moment that Aleah is growing up too fast.

                                                       These 2 are great
  I  made this trifle- and I documented it so I could remember what I made it with.  I can't remember.  I think I made a peanut butter mousse,  with whipped cream and chunks of  Reese's Pieces layered together.  What I do remember is that it tasted amazing.
Aleah, Elliot and Nick playing at the pool
  In April I took a girls weekend to Salt Lake.  We hit up the outlets and then had a nice dinner out at Cucina Toscana.  Here I am enjoying THE BEST hot chocolate that has ever lived.  Yes- it was that amazing, and I am on a mission to try and recreate it.
The next day we pampered ourselves with mani/ pedis prior to our IKEA trip.  In retrospect it should have been in the reverse order.
It was ridiculous what 4 girls can buy.  This is how we rode home...
  We checked out the new mall in SLC and had to take the cliche picture of us with our breakfast in front of Tiffany's.  I did not mean to match the display.
   After a couple failed attempts at keeping the tarp on, we purchased some duck tape kept that sucker down.
  On that particular trip, I purchased some items to jazz up Aleah closet to make it a playroom for her.  The book case and shelf are the best investments I've made in a long time.
   Can't tell here- but she loved it. :)
 I learned that if you lie down in a hammock- every child within a 50 yard radius will come and destroy your peace.
 Fun with Tutu's.  You can decide how it was worn best.  Elliott (please not Travis's face...)
  Aleah at her Music and Movement class...
   Aleah fresh out of bed.  In the end, they all looked fabulous.
 I had to take a snap shot at JoJo one day.  He looked too much like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to not record.
Stay tuned for more...

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